Mount Mercy Designated as Bicycle Friendly University

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) has designated Mount Mercy University as an Honorable Mention recipient in its 2014 Bicycle Friendly University Awards (BFU). The League notes that the program "recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bikeable campus for students, staff and visitors."
Full details on the League's 2014 award recipients may be found by visiting its website.

Celebrate Spring 2015 with the MMU Bike Club

Mount Mercy's sustainability efforts proudly celebrate our newest student organization, the MMU Bike Club. Founded by Mark Mettler, a recent mini-grant recipient, the bike club seeks to make cycling a viable and enjoyable option for the campus community. Mettler and the club's members will promote biking opportunities in the Cedar Rapids area, offer instruction on selecting and servicing bicycles, and will organize local bike rides for fun, fitness, and the promotion of sustainable, alternative transportation.

Mini-Grant Program Continues Support of Mustang Rides Services

"Ideas into Action" is proud to announce continued funding for the Mustang Rides service.

Sustainable Holiday Giving: Students in Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The following project report was shared by Haley Sprague, Mount Mercy student and member of SHRM.

The Impact of Using Mount Mercy Refilling Stations

Do you ever wonder about the impact of using a personal water bottle? Do you ever notice the statistics shown on a Mount Mercy refilling station? As of late January 2015, Mount Mercy can proudly note that 201,163 water bottles have been saved by using the campus' refilling stations. The weight of those saved bottles equals 5,632 pounds of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Lids, for the bottles, add another 1,109 pounds of PET. The total weight of the saved water bottles is 6,741 pounds or just short of 7.25 tons.

Mini-Grant Program Supports McAuley Garbage Collection Project

"Ideas into Action," Mount Mercy's sustainability mini-grant program will assist garbage collection efforts for McAuley dormitory residents.  The project, led by MMU student Yinka Ajibola, will place a fireproof, covered trash bin in the dorm's laundry room.   To assist students in disposing of trash properly, the bin is easily accessible and will be emptied daily during normal collection rounds.   Ajibola will also lead an awareness campaign, encouraging students to properly sort garbage from recyclable items. 

Students in Human Resource Management (SHRM) Receive Mini-Grant for Holiday Project

The Students in Human Resource Management Club (SHRM), led by Haley Sprague, have received a sustainability, mini-grant award to assist their efforts in providing Christmas gifts to a Tanager Place-sponsored family. The program, designed to support clients who experience significant financial need during the holidays, matches community volunteers to families with the express intent of purchasing items on the household's wish list.

Sustainability Mini-Grant Supports Campus Bicycling Effort

Mount Mercy student Mark Mettler is the newest recipient of an "Ideas into Action" sustainability, mini-grant. While Mettler currently organizes an MMU biking club, under the auspices of student organizations, his grant award will help to offset costs associated with purchasing well-maintained, used bikes, bike equipment (helmets and locks), and providing classes and workshops in basic bicycle maintenance. Ultimately, Mettler will be sharing the health and sustainability benefits of biking in the Cedar Rapids community.

The Cost of Convenience

Mount Mercy's commitment to sustainability finds much of its inspiration in a critical concern of the Sisters of Mercy -- the earth. The Sisters "...believe in the need for sustainability of life, supporting both a lifestyle and legislation that acknowledge everyone's right to water and the need to address climate change."

The Benefits of Biking

Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy fall colors while bicycling. The University Center's Information Desk offers three bicycles and helmets for check out; a Mount Mercy University ID card is needed for this process. Tire pumps are also available to all riders.